About Us

BTCPower (Broadband TelCom Power, Inc.) was founded in 1999 to commercialize its proprietary Flat Matrix Transformer Technology (FMTXR) by developing power supplies and converters for the telecom and internet infrastructure market. The FMTX technology enabled the Company to offer the highest current density converters in the market (current supply capability per cubic inch), receiving numerous rewards and recognition.

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Product Roadmap

FMi History

Press Release

BTCPower Awarded $8.8M for High Frequency Material Handling Battery Charger Contract

(Santa Ana, CA) - BTCPower is pleased to announce that the Company has been awarded an $8.8M contract by Anaheim based Advanced Charging Technologies, Inc. (ACT).

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Products and Applications

BTCPower has a long track record of providing power conversion and charging solutions for a very broad range of applications, with an emphasis evolving from tele-communications and networking infrastructure to electric vehicle charging.

Although our focus is on custom power conversion and charging solutions for electric vehicle manufacturers, we also offer a limited range of standard power supplies and converters, and will launch a standard product line of fast chargers for materials handling equipment in January 2009.

Our very experienced engineering team has the ability to develop new products quickly because of shared topologies and system components. Due to our long track record, in many cases there is a previously developed product design available that just needs minor changes or a different form factor to fit the specific new application. The core power conversion blocks used in our latest charger products are based on the same, proven design topologies as the mission critical internet router power supplies of which thousands have been shipped since BTCPower's inception in 1999.

Electric Vehicle Chargers Level 3

Electric Vehicle Fast ChargersOur current range of high power materials handling chargers, especially the outdoor versions for airport ground support equipment, has laid the groundwork for our development of a standard Level 3 EV Fast charger. Launch is expected in Q3 2010. These chargers, for use in a commercial environment, will have a full range of financial transaction processing and Point-of-Sale integration options, that can be expanded to include bill payment, sales of a range of prepaid cards, check cashing and ATM functionality, in order to make the short time (10 minutes average) that the fast charge of the vehicle takes extra well spent.

Other products and applications