Electric Vehicle Chargers Level 3

Our current range of high power materials handling chargers, especially the outdoor versions for airport ground support equipment, has laid the groundwork for our development of a standard Level 3 EV Fast charger.

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Level 2 Commercial EV Charging Station

Key Features and Advantages

Order on-line on evpump.com
LEVEL 2 Commercial EV Charging Station
Level 2 Commercial EV Charging Station PDF Download PDF
Order on-line on evpump.com
  • Easy installation
  • Easy remote networked management featuring point and click graphical user interface
  • Data collection and reporting online for easy management and fleet tracking
  • SSL data protection encrypts all sensitive payment card information
  • Demand response control integrated. Zigbee SEP1.x and SEP2.0
  • LAN and Cellular communication
  • Complete customization services are available including software and hardware
  • Can be used as a parking payment system as well as a charger for paid parking
  • WiFi, DSL or Wireless Modem
  • Payment Options: Giftcard, Credit card, Loyalty, EVP
  • Revenue grade Energy Meter
  • Pay per time, per kWh, or any custom combination
  • Display Options: Touch screen, Full color, VF display
  • 2-year limited warranty