Electric Vehicle Chargers Level 3

Our current range of high power materials handling chargers, especially the outdoor versions for airport ground support equipment, has laid the groundwork for our development of a standard Level 3 EV Fast charger.

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GSE 60D-Dual Port Fast Charger

Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

GSE 60D-Dual Port Fast ChargerBTCPower's line of airport Ground Support Equipment Fast Chargers provide a key component for electrifying airport ground transportation, aiding airlines' commitments to operate clean electric GSE in response to increasingly tougher federal air quality regulations.

Model GSE-60D is a dual output port GSE charger that simultaneously charges and/or equalizes two industrial vehicle batteries. A Battery Feedback Device (BFD), installed on each battery, is in control of the complete charging process and logs all charging and battery maintenance events, ensuring battery-safe charging and facilitating GSE asset and maintenance management. This logged data can be retrieved wirelessly.

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Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions
  • 24x66x45 inches
  • 360 lbs
  • Input Characteristics
  • Voltage - 480VAC, 3 phase
  • Delta connected
  • Frequency - 47-63 HZ
  • Current - Max. 52A per phase
  • Breaker Rating - 80A
  • Power Factor - >0.95 at loads
  • >30kWand 480VAC input voltage
  • Output Characteristics
  • Number of charging ports: 2
  • Nominal battery voltage: 72-80V
  • Output current range: 2-400A
  • Max. total output power: 62kW
  • Start rate: Programmable through BFD
  • Protection: Output short circuit, output reverse polarity
  • Output fuse rating: 500A
  • TECH: High frequency (MOSFET)