50kW DC Fast Charger



Level 3 DC Fast Chargers bypass slower on-board chargers providing DC power directly to the battery, greatly increasing the charging speed. DC fast charging is essential for high mileage/long-distance driving and fleets. The quick turnaround enables drivers to recharge quickly versus many hours from an AC Level 2 charger.


  • CHAdeMO/Combo & CCS1 Connectors
  • 15” Outdoor Color Display
  • Credit Card Reader and RFID Readers
  • All-In-One Charger Enclosure
  • Measures 34" W x 86" H x 22" D (850 lbs)


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BTC Power is the leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging systems in North America. Supplying a variety of DC and AC product lines to those in the Oil & Gas, Fleet, OEM, CPO, Government and C-store Markets. BTC Power provides chargers and service in the North America, Canada, and EU markets.

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